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Greetings from Mount Berry, Georgia. I'm a professor and chair of the Communication Department at Berry College. My research interests include baseball and the black press, digital media, communication law and Shakespeare. Among the courses I teach are media law, digital storytelling, visual rhetoric, sports communication and sports journalism.
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Coming soon is the fourth edition of Dr. Carroll's textbook for Writing & Editing for Digital Media, with three new chapters, including one on fake news, misinformation and "alternative facts."

Also new(ish) is my book on the black press and the Negro leagues, A Devil's Bargain, also from Routledge.

Recently published was Dr. Carroll's analysis of slavery and memoria in Savannah, Ga. Read about it here.

In summer 2018, Berry Communication students developed mulltimedia stories on the theme of "Places as Text: The Spaces of Florence, Italy" for VikingFusion. We spent a month in Dante's city "reading" its public spaces as texts for what they can tell us about the city's residents.

And in summer 2019, Dr. Carroll is headed back to Paris to teach Intro to French Film and Travel Writing, with EC USG.

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teaching what should the law do? (honors oxbridge lecture series)
  what is the good life? (honors perennial questions course)
  digital media & distributed society (com 429 seminar) (inactive)
  media law (com 416)
  digital storytelling (com 329)
  multimedia production (com 305)
  editing across platforms (com 303)
  reporting & writing (com 250)
  sports communication (com 205)
  sports journalism (com 311)
  visual rhetoric (com 270)
  mass communication & society (com 201) (inactive)
  nationalism & imagined communities (eng 436/com 429)
  oxbridge lecture series: the first amendment (hon 251)
  freedom of expression® (com 429 seminar)
  international multimedia reporting practicum (com 428/429)
  EC USG visual rhetoric (summer in Paris)
  EC USG travel writing (summer in Paris)
bc's blogs Wandering Rocks on journalism, new media and emergence
  BerryLaw for media law course
  BerryOnline for news writing & editing courses
lecture notes web blogs, journalism & the law
  participatory journalism & new media ecosystem
  introduction to graphic design
  black press and baseball
podcasts interview with georgia public broadcast about black press book
  media law lecture on U.S. legal system and types of law
  media law lecture on FOIA
  media law lecture on commercial speech
  media law lecture on libel laws
  media law lecture on commercial speech (part 2)
  john witte on church, state and the first amendment: a history
  professor bill schabas on the future of northern ireland
  professor stephen ryan on the residues of conflict
  ms. clionagh boyle on the children of northern ireland
student multimedia City as Text: The Spaces of Vienna (2016)
  Madrid as Text (2014)
  The Jews of Florence, Italy (2012)
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american journalism historians association

  three circles foundation for fostered youth (produced by COM 305 students)
  aids resource council of rome & floyd county (produced by COM 329 students)

habitat for humanity of rome & floyd county (produced by COM 305 students)

  camerano italy multimedia project (2006 international reporting program)
photo albums rickwood baseball classic (2009) copenhagen (2003)
  turner field (2004) colorado springs (2004)
  england & ireland (2007) family pix (summer 2006)
  camerano, italy (2006) carolina (2003)
  montana (2004)  
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Who were the Cuban X Giants? They were one of the very first professional black baseball teams, playing in New York City around the turn of the 19th century and made up of -- you guessed it -- mostly former Cuban Giants. They were good, winning the 1903 Colored World Championships behind the pitching of the legendary Andrew "Rube" Foster, who won four of the five games.